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Kafgar Coffee Bean Roaster Machines also offers especially, roasted package coffee beans and green coffee beans in the unique tastes for the customers. Kafgar Coffee Bean Roaster Machines  also sell different coffee bean types.  Kafgar Coffee Bean Roaster Machines sell coffee beans with coffee bean grinder and coffee bean roaster machine. So Fulfills all the needs of a coffee bean wholesalers. The world coffees, which are carefully collected for your customers, are shot and roasted using Kafgar products. Kenya, Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey, working with the manufacturer’s competence in all regions of the world

Kafgar Coffee Bean Roaster Machines , sells wholesale and retail coffee and coffee beans. . Minimum package capacity is 500 gr.

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1.Arabica (coffee arabica) is a large bush with dark green oval leaves. It grows on mountainous slopes more than 800-2000 meters. Fruits are oval and have a ripening time of 7 to 9 months. The places where Arabica coffee is grown extend from Latin America to West Africa, from India to Indonesia. The types of Arabica coffee are as follows:

  • Brazil Santos: the taste is light and very soft.
  • Bourbon Santos: The more acidic the coffee is sweet.
  • Rio: The taste is similar to iyo.
  • Celebes Kalossie: Acid ratio is high in the mouth leaves a wholesome taste.
  • Colombia Supremo: The highest quality of Colombian coffee.
  • Costa Rica: It has a complex taste.
  • Ethiopia Harar: Chocolate flavored.
  • Ethiopia Sidamo: It contains citrus flavors.
  • Papua Yenigine: It gives a light dry taste in the mouth with intense chocolate taste.
    Surprisingly smooth.

2.Robusta coffee grows in the range of 0-600 meters. On the contrary, Arabica blooms irregularly. It takes 10-11 months to mature. It contains more caffeine and           lower quality in terms of flavor. Its fruits are more rounded and the seeds have an oval shape. Robusta coffee grows in the west and west of Africa, in northwest           Asia and in some parts of Brazil.

3.Coffea Liberica is the most commonly grown coffee bean type after Robusta and Arabica. It is a strong and broadleaf tree. It is mostly grown in Malaysia and                 West Africa. The fruit and the kernel has a much lower flavor quality.