Rectangular Coffee Bean Dispensers

Kafgar Rectangular Coffee Bean Dispensers Review

Kafgar Coffee Bean Roasters not only interest coffee roasters and grinders but also coffee beans and some special coffee machines as rectangular coffee bean dispensers, cylindrical coffee bean dispensers and crescent silo systems . Kafgar Coffee Roasters offer to wide range of product  for own customers. Some special production coffee machines of Kafgar Coffee Roasters;

1- Cylindrical Coffee Bean Dispensers

2- Rectangular Coffee Bean Dispensers

3- Crescent Silo Systems

  Kafgar Rectangular Coffee Bean Dispensers are manufactured in 3 different standard sizes. According to the requests of its customers, Kafgar Coffee Roasters can produce custom products in different product sizes. Moreover, Kafgar Rectangular Coffee Dispensers are manufactured according to world standards consequently does not harm human health. Main production material is stainless metal. In accordance with the decorative requirements of our customers, we can manufacture with different color options as Kafgar Coffee Roaster’s machines.

Crescent Silo Systems

  Kafgar crescent silo systems have a unique product design. Especially, KafgarCoffee Roaster’s cersent shaped machine has an unbeliveble decorative appearance and so, the products add an extra beauty your stores. Moreover, the machines are easy-to-use and functional. Kafgar crescent silo systems are offered to customers with 2 different products according to different requirements.

Cylindrical Coffee Bean Dispensers

   Kafgar coffee roasters has 3 different standard cylindrical coffee silos. In addition,we design silo systems according to the wishes of our customers. Kafgar’s cylindrical silo systems are made of plexiglas material. It has a transparent and decorative appearance and it is both, functional and user friendly for use in the shops. Kafgar Coffee Roaster’s cylindrical silo systems can be used for storage different types of spices and dried fruits. The cylindrical coffee bean dispenser is design for displaying and preserving coffee beans as well as granular foods. Hopper of the product is made of plexiglass, its cover and spigot part is brass plated. Under favour of its damp-proof structure, coffee beans remain fresh.

  The product preserves coffee beans. Under favour of its damp-proof structure, coffee beans remain fresh. Coffee beans must be filled from upper side of the dispensers. The product is ideal solution for displaying different types of coffee beans in coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants. Rectangular Coffee Bean Dispensers are preferred to storage all kinds of granular food like nuts. Kafgar Coffee Bean Dispensers fully comply with food regulations of various countries.
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